The most expensive coffee in the world

The most expensive coffee in the world

It is as if the smell of refreshing coffee comes to the nose. Talking about coffee, a lot of fatigue disappears.

This is probably the success of coffee as a drink. It is difficult to find people who do not eat coffee. Almost everyone loves to drink coffee to relieve fatigue, sleep or work boredom. And what is the best way to sit?

There are thousands of types of coffee available in different types, different recipes, different flavors. Late,cappuccino, Americano, espresso, mocha how much more! And not only taste and fatigue, coffee but also quite beneficial for health. 

Coffee is also very effective in keeping away serious diseases like liver cancer,type-2 diabetes or heart failure. And that is why this drink, which was first produced in Africa, has spread all over the world today, different varieties and different recipes have been made in different regions. Some of these coffees are as difficult to appreciate and make as they are eye-catching.

Copy Luak

When it comes to expensive coffee, the first thing that comes to mind is 'Kopi Luak'. Originally made in Indonesia, Sumatra, Bali, Timor, this coffee is said to be the most expensive coffee in the world. The mainr eason for this is the long and time consuming process of coffee production. 

Apart from this, coffee lovers have a special value in terms of taste. However, even if you love to eat, many people will be shocked when they hear the process of making ‘Kopi Luak’. Many may even bet on never eating this thing again!

Surprised? Why this dot Ana with so much expensive coffee?

This is because of the incredible process of producing ‘copy luac’. It is basically a ‘semi-absorbed’ or what

is called ‘partially digested’ coffee in English. The grain of coffee is fed to the civet cat. After the cat eats

the coffee beans, the beans are processed in the cat's intestines and germinated. As a result, the bitterness in

it is reduced a lot and a different kind of scent and flavor is created. These half-absorbed grains are later

collected from the cat's feces and packaged after some further processing. This whole process is extremely

time consuming and requires a lot of care and patience. And so its price is skyrocketing.

You're wrong to think that Copy Luke is not the only expensive coffee. If you start the list of expensive

coffee, it will be quite long. Coffee is constantly being researched in different parts of the world. And so

there is hardly a drink that can compete with coffee in variety or flavor. Thailand's 'Black Ivory' coffee is

said to be the second most expensive coffee in the world. Its production process is very similar to that of

'Kopi Luak'. However, instead of cats, coffee beans are fed to elephants. It is a specialty of Thailand,

known as the land of elephants.

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