Why do freelancers move away after working for a few years

A few years after the freelancers started working, it seems that there are 2 best sessions.


First, Anandaghar lacks freedom!

Must survive in the freelancing market. Won't you have work skills?

There are 100 public lives for a student in our country. Opportunity is available from them on January 1, and they receive a certain number of salaries per month. 1 job can be found in the top 100 of these people

On the other hand, in the freelancing sector, one's background can compete with 100 people from different walks of life.

Then you see here

All you have to do is work again.

Without this skill no one will be able to do freelancing

Keeping more beautiful life updates is a big challenge here.


The second reason

Exhaustion or physical problems.

Why do freelancers move away after working for a few years

Yes, back pain, shoulder pain, etc. occur when a person stays awake day and night in the same chair and works for a long time. Problems such as eye problems, headaches, etc. 

are gradually manifested. People then lose interest in it. In fact, it is very difficult to sit in one place for a long time and work for a long time. The ability to wake up at night also decreases with age.

Then many people give up freelancing. And started a business with his savings. Many lean towards passive earning. Many go into retirement.

In my opinion, it is better to go for retirement by earning a certain number. Because, we need money in life, but extra money takes away happiness. So, after earning a certain amount, you can create some passive way of earning and then go to retirement.

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