What are the 3 useful settings of mobile

 What are the 3 useful settings of mobile

For those who are using an Android-powered mobile phone for the first time or have updated from an old phone to a new phone, they need to change five mobile settings. This increases the performance and battery life of the phone.

What are the 3 useful settings of mobile

1. Decrease the brightness of the phone

The figure is straight. The higher the brightness, the faster the charge. For this, go to settings and reduce the brightness. Keep it below 50 percent.

2. Reduce whiteness

Is your phone with AMOLED screen? If so, be careful about setting the wallpaper. Set black wallpaper. Because, burning black pixels will not run out of charge.

The location of the wallpaper settings may vary on different models of phones and operating systems. However, on most devices, wallpapers can be set from the menu by tapping on an empty space on the home screen.

3. Close the new app shortcut

Shortcut icons are created on the homescreen when downloading new apps from the Google Play Store. You can turn off shortcuts by going to Settings from the Google Play app menu.

4. Turn on ‘Do Not Disturb’

Keep phone calls, messages or alert systems silent while you sleep or relax. Android phones have a mode called 'Do Not Disturb' mode, which will not be annoying if set. You can turn on this feature in Sounds settings by going to Settings.

5. Find My Mobile

Another useful setting for Android mobile phone users is Find My Mobile. This feature can be useful in case you lose or forget your phone. It can be used using third party apps or using built-in options. It can be turned on from Google Settings.

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