The world can be bought with money and girls-How true is that

 The world can be bought with money and girls. How true is that?



The world can be bought with money and girls-How true is that


1000% correct.


All the people in this world either run after money or women. Do you know why so many wars have been fought since the beginning of the world? You say for power. Well what does power mean?


If you don't have money you won't have any power. That means those who have money have power.


Do you know what the city of Troy was destroyed for? For a beautiful woman named Helen.


Well, do you know who the Roman hero Antonio fell in love with? An Egyptian woman named Cleopatra. For which Julius Caesar himself was mad.



How many more examples do you need?


Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg, Bill Gates have all been established in the world by the force of money. If they didn't have money, not even a van driver would pay the price. In fact, you can overcome the greed of the leaders of this world. The history of the world says so. Many heroes have not lost the war in the form of women. You don't see the spies trapping the generals of many of the world's great military powers with the trap of a woman named Hani Trap.


In the end, it can be said that money and girls can really buy the world.

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