Do kids grow up playing Horlicks or Complan

Do kids grow up playing Horlicks or Complan?


Various studies have already shown that drinking Horlicks or Complan national drinks is not only beneficial but also harmful. For the sake of argument, I assumed that the results of the research done on Horlicks and Complan were wrong.


Let's check the nutritional value of Horlicks a little differently. Just a few days ago, the Tokyo Olympics 2020 came to an end. Thousands of athletes from hundreds of countries participated in it.


Hundreds of athletes have won gold, silver and bronze medals in their respective countries. There is no denying that the various events of the Olympics take the final test of the physical and mental abilities of the athletes.

Do kids grow up playing Horlicks or Complan


Now answer me a question, exactly how many athletes (who have won Olympic medals) have eaten Horlicks or Complain? The answer would be zero. How do I understand?


If an athlete ate Horlicks and won a medal, don't you think the Horlicks company would advertise it? So stop eating Horlicks-Complain. China won the most medals in the Math Olympiad. Horlicks-Complaint Band is in that Chinese market. What do you still say Horlicks is nutritious?

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