Why Can't the plane go over The Himalayas?

If friends search the internet to see if a plane can fly over Mount Everest, you will not find the answer. All these mountains cannot climb over the mountain peaks. No, some can fly by mistake, although most of them do not fly over Mount Everest. True friends, in today's video we will tell you which planes can climb Everest and which planes can't climb all the mountains, so let's get started. 

Why Can't the plane go over The Himalayas?

Most of today's episode friends are not on top of the Himalayas if you check the flight you will not see any planes that fly over Everest then now the question is why not Tirupati or they do not want to ascend Commercialpellets can rise to a height of 35 to 42 thousand feet, which means that if they are on a mountain, the difference between them is 13 thousand feet, that is, 4 thousand from a commercial mountain. 

We know that at higher altitudes the oxygen level decreases and if there is compression i.e. if there is no oxygen in the cabin then the oxygen mask automatically comes to the passengers which can deliver oxygen for about twenty minutes but here The question is what will happen after twenty minutes. 

Take the opportunity here for twenty minutes to take it to an altitude of 10 to 15 thousand feet where the air pressure and passengers can take it well at this altitude. If this Plenty is on top of Everest and the cabinet is decorated, you can't take the party to a height of 10 to 15 thousand feet because the height of Everest is about 18 thousand to 29 thousand feet, so where will you go? 

The plane has two engines for air and also has a unit in case of emergency it continuously delivers air to the cabin. The problem is that if engine failure is a bad thing in the Himalayas, it will hit about 30% and if the plane crashes, it will be difficult for the rescue team to get there, meaning death could be inevitable. 

You may have noticed that when a plane crashes This is usually the case for Mamata as she moves from the hills to the top and ascends to the top causing it to collapse and sway. 

This is not just for adults. It can be bad weather and so on and the airlines don't want to take any risks so most don't climb Everest. 

If we choose all of these categories, such as danger in case of infection, there is no place for emergency landing. Can easily get up. Also when the plane will be compressed, oxygen can be supplied to all nations for not only twenty minutes but also for an hour now that the engine power There is no question of an emergency lane when there is oxygen for everyone, but the rest of the turbulence friends are flexible enough to take care of the plane during the turbulence. 

That is the highest of Everest The height of Everest is somewhere around 18000 ports and somewhere around 20 thousand 425 thousand crores our imaginary plane can easily climb over it and let me tell you that this plane is not just a fictional plane. 

One of the reasons for the low number of such planes may be that the Global City cities that do not pass through the cities of the Global Economic Network are rarely seen flying over the Himalayas. 

It has to be uprooted but permission has to be taken from it i.e. the operation will allow fictitious permission it will meet all the needs of Everest upazila which we discussed earlier some like 7-30 when buying you will get an option where editor will have permission like you went to buy a car and its top . There are also many more demands that the model can fly over the mountain after getting permission to do so You can keep the engine as you change the oxygen cylinder. 

There are also many more options. When you buy it, friends, after so long discussions, you must have realized that if you accept certain conditions, the gift of Everest will comment. Let me know if you already know this information

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