What is Education

Education is said to be a lifelong process that people undergo from birth to death. So the type of education is also different. The word Bengali education comes from Sanskrit which means to save or give advice.

This may be the reason why it is seen in the Bengali inhabited areas that the word education has a deep connection with the country concerned. 

What is Education

The English word education comes from the Latin word educare which means to bring out the inner potential. Education in the language of Socrates is the eradication of falsehood and the development of truth. Builds our lives in harmony with world civilization.

The learning process encourages the development of a person's inherent qualities and helps to acquire the skills needed to establish oneself as a productive member of society.

Education is the process of acquiring knowledge and skills in the general sense and systematic knowledge in the broadest sense.Education is a continuous practice of developing to the fullest of potential.

Education is a relatively permanent change of behavior in order to adapt to a desired goal. Education of the body is not complete without complete addition of soil, water, air, light Our face is never covered in winter-summer so our facial skin is more educated than body skin. That is, he knows what you need to do to keep your balance with the outside world.

Education does not mean getting a great or a degree. The real meaning of education is knowledge. That song will make you understand the difference between good and bad. 

This knowledge will make you an ideal person. To me, a learning session means a wealth of experience. Education means interest in learning something new.

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