How to hide YouTube subscriptions

How are you all I hope everyone is much better. Today I will show you how to hide your YouTube subscriptions.Let me tell you in advance what are the advantages and disadvantages of hiding your YouTube subscription.

How to hide YouTube subscriptions

If you don't read the whole article carefully, you won't understand anything. Suppose you want to watch a video on YouTube, then all of a sudden you like that video.

Now the owner of that video said that you have to subscribe to my youtube channel. If you the subscription of that channel is 20 to 25 then you will not subscribe to that channel. 

Ask me to subscribe to the channel if I see the video and if I see 200 subscribe to that channel then I don't want to subscribe anymore. At that time, if the number of subscribers to his channel was hidden, I would have subscribed myself because I did not know how many subscribers there are in his channel. 

There was a confusing thing inside me that YouTube made a good video so I would subscribe. This is exactly the advantage of subscribing.

Now I will tell you what is the problem of hiding the subscription of YouTube. If your channel has 20,000 subscribers, if you hide the subscriptions at that time, then the problem is that no company will give you any sponsors.

And the advantage is that the chances of getting a full subscription are higher.

Now I will tell you how to hide your YouTube subscription. Open any of your browsers. Then login to that Gmail on your YouTube channel. Now you will enter YouTube. Then you will move to YouTube Creator Studio.

When you come to YouTube Creator Studio, you will see an option called Settings at the bottom left. Click on Settings. After clicking on the settings you will see an option. In this option you will see there is a setting called channel. Click on that setting. 

After clicking on the channel settings, you will see that there is an option called advanced settings on the right side. Click on the advanced settings. 

After clicking on Advanced Settings, scroll down to the bottom and then you will see a text like Subscribe Count.

Subscribe to YouTube channel will be hidden.No one will be able to see how many subscriptions your YouTube channel has.

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