Best Facebook Tricks

I hope everyone who reads this content uses Facebook every day. I hope everyone uses Facebook, then some new features of Facebook have been added, today I will talk about them. Some of the professions on Facebook look great to me and I will discuss these features today.

I will talk about how you will use the features. First of all, these features will not work on the phones of those of you who have old phones, but the new features will work on the phones of those who use updated phones. For those who don't know, these features are for them.

Best Facebook Tricks

One of the features of Facebook is 3D photo. Many people can use it and many people can't even try it. Many people could not add 3D photos even after watching various videos.To add photos to the information, you have to go to WhatsApp, then select the options from there and you have to use 3D photos.

Now you need to know what a 3D photo will look like. If you use 3D photos on Facebook, if you move the mobile a little, your picture will also move. If you are using a computer, then move the mouse over the photo on Facebook and the image will continue to move. This is a feature of using 3D photos on Facebook.

Now I will tell you the tricks of Facebook Messenger. Messenger has a feature that allows you to send messages to anyone in a timely manner. The message will be automatically deleted. This messenger system is a trick of Facebook. If you want, you can try this trick of Facebook.

Like is another Facebook trick. Every day I like a contact or a photo. There is no one who uses Facebook and doesn't like it. Once you know how many photos you have liked. This is one of the tricks of Facebook. You can also find out if any of your friends have liked someone else's picture or content.

One of the new tricks of Facebook is to use it in dark mode. But not everyone can use Dark Mode Facebook. This is because not everyone knows how to use Dark Mode or how to turn it on. Many may have tried a lot to turn on Dark Mode but could not succeed. Your Facebook account will be in dark mode.This is another trick of Facebook.

If you know the tricks of using Facebook, you will become more and more modern. These tips from Facebook will come in handy. Those who use the new Facebook can use these tricks.

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